One of the latest trends when it comes to home-ownership is to go for small space living. Many people are doing this for a variety of reasons. Some do it because it is easier to maintain. Others do it to keep their costs down. Either way, in order for the small space to be enjoyable, it must be designed properly. The interior is critically important because this is where the majority of the time is spent.

For interior design and small space living, it is all about using every inch of space available. This is creating new but exciting challenges for the interior designer. Some are taking a close look at the way that caravans and travel trailers are laid out to give them some innovative ideas as to how utilise space.

It also means downsizing of items and really focusing on the functionality of every piece of furniture and accessory that is going to be used in the small space. For example, kitchen tables serve the purpose of serving meals but later can be converted into a bed. Stairs go to lofts instead of bedrooms. Plus, the stairs are designed in such a way that they can also become storage bins.

Lighting is important in a small space. Some designers focus on using sky lighting and windows higher on the walls to allow for this. This also conserves some of the wall space to be used for storage.

Bathrooms are designed so they are all in one. There is one large shower cabinet. Colour is important as light colours give the illusion of a larger space. Every accessory is also looked at for its functionality. For example, a pillow that is going to be used for sleeping will be nicely decorated with a pretty pattern so it can act as a throw pillow during the day. This solves the problem of having to store it.