Every type of interior design has its own uniqueness about it. There are specific components of it that makes it stand out and creates its recognition. The Swedish interior style is no different.


For most they expect to see many of the floors in a dwelling covered with carpets. Not so when it comes to Scandinavian interior design. For most floors within this design they are left bare. They are commonly made of wood and are light in color throughout most of the dwelling, with the exception perhaps being the bathroom.


Don’t expect to see large splashes of colours on the walls in a Swedish home. Instead you will be greeted with white walls or at the very most light greys. The room is then enhanced with coloured accessories however the majority of these will be comprised of the blue hues.


Wood is one of the most common and most favoured types of materials in Swedish interior design. It is present on the floors and walls and often the ceilings. Then added to this is the many different collections of wood furniture pieces.

Straight Lines

It is perhaps the focus on straight lines that makes the Scandinavian interior style the most unique. It automatically creates a clean look, but doesn’t deprive one of a cozy and warm atmosphere.

These attributes of the Swedish interior design are supported with functionality. The Swedish homes are well recognized of dwellings where every room serves a purpose.

What makes this both exciting and diverse is that these components can be incorporated into any style of home. It is just a matter of following the basics. It is important that these components flow from one room of the house to the other. Otherwise the impact and effect of the Swedish style is lost.