Every country and region seems to have their own unique interior designing style. When done properly, any person can walk into a room and identify what culture or era it is based on. Middle Eastern interior design has a style all of its own.

It is a mix of various characteristics such as being luxurious yet refined. All of which is presented in a simplistic fashion. The structure of the walls plays an important role in this interior style. It is not uncommon to see magnificent arches that have been intricately decorated and niches built into the walls themselves. Out of all the different styles, the middle eastern styles seem to make the most of the wall space. Compared to other styles where the walls remain flat with no specific design to them.

Colour is one of the main attributes of middle eastern style. The popular colours used are those within the oriental line of colours which consists of reds, ochers, greens, blues, and magentas. The colour spectrum used in this design continues on with the rich reds, brilliant oranges, and turquoises.

Although a middle eastern room can be bursting with colour, it does not clash nor look over decorated. Instead, it creates an atmosphere of being warm, inviting, and relaxing.

The favoured furniture is one which is made of wicker or good quality woods. The furniture is not plain by any means and is comprised of beautiful arts and decor. For accessories, the main choices are screen dividers, artwork, and religious figurines. It is not unusual to see collections of urns and vases selectively placed in strategic places throughout the room. The room may appear busy with so many components to it yet, there is a sense of freedom and ease of movement through the entire space. It’s an art.