In general, there are about thirteen different types of Amercian interior styles that one can use for their homes. A lot of focus for this is put on the interiors. Although like anything else, there are always trends to look out for and this short list below is one where it stays pretty stable for the popularity of interior designs of the American home.


Out of all the various options, the Victorian style is considered to be the most popular.

The Victorian design comes down to mixing the modern with the Victorian. It can easily be done with the right choices of antiques to work with the more modern furniture. It is the styles of these pieces of furniture that will tie the old and the new combination together for the Victorian look to work.


The Bohemian is one that is full of colour and pattern and is a very busy environment. It is made up of a little bit of everything. Some refer to it as the gypsey look. There is no real structure to it. It is perhaps the only interior style where one can say that almost anything goes.


The contemporary style really took off in the 1970s and really got recognised as a style of its own. Contemporary is comprised of different components such as variety in shapes of materials and types of materials. The space, however, is expected to remain open and there is an orderly fashion to the room that is being styled with the contemporary look.

These are just three of the most popular American interior styles. When it comes to cost, they can all be reasonable, however, it does take some careful planning and innovative shopping. Knowing what the basics of the style are is the starting point for the design. Then choosing the right accessories to go with the main features is next.