Working on a French interior design project is one that can be fun and exciting, and for many can also be new territory. There are so many options that can be used for this type of design. It can be a mix of casual and elegance which creates a large playing field for the designer.

The Elegant Aspects

Elegance is in the French vocabulary and there is no lack of it in French interior design. Here the emphasis will be put on the window dressings. Choice of material will be important like silk or only the very best in cottons. The coverings should be from floor to ceiling. The bottoms can even be allowed to pool at the base for an extra drama effect. The floor coverings will truly depict the French theme when they are layered with quality rugs and carpets of different sizes. Then of course there is the furniture that needs strong consideration. A few totally French pieces will do justice to the room.

The Casual Aspects

Interestingly the touches that are added with the focus on the elegant will also blend in nicely with creating a casual atmosphere. Soft warm lighting and large accessories will add to the overall French tone of the room.

A Touch of Antiques

One or two antiques added to the room will work in nicely with both the elegant and the casual concept. These can be added in as part of the main furniture. Or, they can be smaller items that can be used as focal points throughout the room.

Don’t Be Afraid of some Shimmer

The French artisans love a touch of glitter. To depict the French taste some glimmer can be used throughout the room however it cannot become over powering.

It may seem that with all of this that the French interior style would be hard on the pocket book. With some carefully planning that does not need to be the case.