One of the exciting aspects about French interior styles is that it is comprised of a wonderful mix of casual plus elegance. To accomplish this successfully it does require some work and it comes with some challenges.

Look to the Past

For those that are new to French design it means taking at look at its history. A good way of doing this is to simply look through some related magazines. Focus on those that are applicable to the 17th, 18th as well as 19th centuries. Look at the small details as these are going to add a lot of drama to the finished project.

Step out of the Box

Don’t be afraid to experiment with French interior styles. Try combining items together that normally are considered not to be a good match. The results can be very surprising. Plus, it creates a unique and customized look all while remaining within the French interior culture.


Try not to adopt a too formal attitude when developing the design. Remember that the French interior design is a mix of casual and elegant. Not paying enough attention to the casual aspects can offset the balance of what this interior design is comprised of.

The Old with the New

One of the exciting aspects about French designs for interior setting is that the old can be mixed with the new. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who love to recycle. Combining vintage with modern can really make the room pop.

Leave the Neutral Colours Behind

The french are not afraid of colours and this is what makes their environments so warm and inviting while at the same time appearing to be alive and exciting. Bold colors are wonderful but extra steps must be taken to use them in a tasteful manner.

While there are many different interior styles, the French style is truly exciting.